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Latest Forum Posts

When is a Universal Credit claimant considered a Universal Credit claimant???

peterdelamothe - 13/07/2018

It depends on when you became a full UC whether any exceptions applied.

young person in Specified Supported Accommodation

andrew_hodkinson - 13/07/2018

Hi, we had a similar case a couple of years ago.  Have a read of Section 20 of the children ...

CL moves, should get overlap, then claims UC - what can we pay.

wsm1 - 13/07/2018

I'm bumping this up - we have a similar scenario.

A UC claimant moves in to tempora ...

Reducing overpayments of HB via underpayments of HB

Ozzie Bird - 12/07/2018

Thanks Peter.

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Letter to Local Aauthorities from Neil Coulding ...

damning new evidence about UC administration


A group of 31 MPs writes to urge the government to postpone the introduction of universal credit in their constituencies until after the festive period


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and Pensions’ proposed rollout of universal

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The new team at the Department for Work and
Pensions is: Secretary of State – Rt Hon
David Gauk...