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The One Stop Shop for housing benefit and council tax benefit information, including the most active discussion forums concerning benefits on the internet and the latest publications from the DWP, caselaw and legislation.

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peterdelamothe - 25/08/2016 ...

Appeal- Tenancy Fraud

peterdelamothe - 25/08/2016

"I just always feel hesitant to send off a submission with no supporting caselaw" Quite right t ...

ETDs, RTI & ATLAS - Do claimants no longer understand that they need to report changes?

Kay_Tade - 25/08/2016

quote=pbirks]There is no requirement for anyone, other than the customer, to notify us of anythin ...

Appeal- Tenancy Fraud

Kay_Tade - 25/08/2016

[quote=RobBox]Are the H/A not looking to prosecute for illegal use of the property?[/quote]


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Universal Credit delay...letter from Director
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Further delay in Universal Credit


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the welfare state since its inception; it has for...

Temporary absence amending legislation


Further to the Social Security Advisory Committee
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