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Conference 1 October 2020


Due to COVID 19 we have had to restrict our numbers considerably for full attendance.  We are delighted to be able to offer you ZOOM attendance.

We look forward to meeting all of you have registered for the event on 1 October 2020

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Company Directors and Housing Benefit

This course is being run in house.

An increasingly common problem for assessment staff is assessing a claim where the claimant is a Director of a Limited Company. This is a huge growth area over the last few years and it is a fact that many owners of companies are receiving benefits whereas their staff are refused help. The law is complex and misunderstood and this area perhaps causes more errors and mistakes than any other in HB/CTB.

The Workshop will therefore carefully look at the following issues and how they may impact on a Housing Benefit claim:

  • Understanding limited companies, private companies and trade names
  • Balance sheets and valuing company assets
  • Dealing with directors; from loans to valuing capital
  • Valuing unquoted companies
  • Companies in receivership and administration
  • HB legislation and relevant caselaw.

Presented by Peter de la Mothe, this day is ideal for experienced staff; HB assessors, managers, appeals staff. It is a complex day (the most complicated day hbinfo offers) and not suitablefor inexperienced and new staff.

Delegates should particularly benefit from the various exercises that will be provided and will be given an opportunity to send in details of their complex cases for discussion on the day.

As well as a number of presentations and practical exercises, the day will specifically include the latest legislation and case law updates.This also covers refreshments, lunch and all training materials. 
Fees  are £275 per delegate, £375 for non-members,  book THREE places on any ONE course (on the same day) and a fourth delegate may attend the same event or another event of equal value absolutely free within nine months.