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An introduction to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - 2 day course

This course is being run in house.

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support   A 2-day Introductory Cours

Day One   

Aims and Objectives & Course Outline

Introduction to local benefits administration

**        Other welfare benefits

**        HB/CTRS Regulations, DWP guidance and local policy


Who can claim HB/CTRS?

**        Liability to pay rent & Council Tax Support

**        Occupying the Home


How to claim HB/CTRS

**        Making a Claim

**        Supporting evidence and fraud awareness


How to calculate HB/CTRS

**        Income

**        Capital

**        Family & Household

**        Applicable Amount

**        Non-Dependants

**        Manual calculation

**        Second Adult Rebate

**        Discretionary Housing Payment


Day Two        

Private Rents

**        Eligible rents

**        Referrals to the RO

**        Rent Restrictions


Life of an HB/CTRS claim

**        When does HB/CTRS start?

**        Backdating

**        Changes of circumstances

**        When does HB/CTRS stop?

**        Extended Payments


Payment of HB/CTRS

**        How benefit is paid 

**        Who benefit is paid to

**        How often is payment made


Overpayments / Excess Benefits

**        What is an overpayment/excess benefit?