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Conference 1 October 2020


Due to COVID 19 we have had to restrict our numbers considerably for full attendance.  We are delighted to be able to offer you ZOOM attendance.

We look forward to meeting all of you have registered for the event on 1 October 2020

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An introduction to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - 2 day course

This course is being run in house.

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support   A 2-day Introductory Cours

Day One   

Aims and Objectives & Course Outline

Introduction to local benefits administration

**        Other welfare benefits

**        HB/CTRS Regulations, DWP guidance and local policy


Who can claim HB/CTRS?

**        Liability to pay rent & Council Tax Support

**        Occupying the Home


How to claim HB/CTRS

**        Making a Claim

**        Supporting evidence and fraud awareness


How to calculate HB/CTRS

**        Income

**        Capital

**        Family & Household

**        Applicable Amount

**        Non-Dependants

**        Manual calculation

**        Second Adult Rebate

**        Discretionary Housing Payment


Day Two        

Private Rents

**        Eligible rents

**        Referrals to the RO

**        Rent Restrictions


Life of an HB/CTRS claim

**        When does HB/CTRS start?

**        Backdating

**        Changes of circumstances

**        When does HB/CTRS stop?

**        Extended Payments


Payment of HB/CTRS

**        How benefit is paid 

**        Who benefit is paid to

**        How often is payment made


Overpayments / Excess Benefits

**        What is an overpayment/excess benefit?