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Conference 1 October 2020


Due to COVID 19 we have had to restrict our numbers considerably for full attendance.  We are delighted to be able to offer you ZOOM attendance.

We look forward to meeting all of you have registered for the event on 1 October 2020

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Moving on to Universal Credit full digital….theory and practice

This course is being run in house.

All local authorities will be moving to the digital service over the next two years. To quote one full service “we have seen a significant change in or work activity compared to live service”.

This day will look at all the key issues relevant to the full service; from how the system works, claims, migration, housing costs issues, dealing with exemption, issues with families, DHP’s and payment to landlords. Then there are other local issues; the dramatic rise in rent arrears and increased homelessness in full service issues.

Hbinfo has unrivalled contacts and information about the position in many of the early full service areas.  A packed and interesting day suitable for those with a good working knowledge of the basics of Universal Credit.  The day is particularly aimed at Benefits staff and housing staff.

Fee: £250 members, £300 for non-HBINFO HBINFO members.  Book three places on the same day, get a fourth place free (free places may be carried forward and used on any subsequent HBINFO training event within 6 months for the training date.